Born of Fire Ceramics- Studio



Located in the Montlake Community Center in Seattle, Washington. Right next to the Purple House. My studio has two places. The first place is a shed where I do most of the forming, drying and glazing. It is a commercial tool shed that has power, but no heating other than a space heater. Very spare, often crowded, but a refuge and a place to create. I have an electric wheel, oodles of tools, a constantly evolving supply of clay and glazes. I recycle most materials and look to find new uses for everything I encounter.


The other place is a is the kiln shed where the transformational firing happens. I built this edifice by combining a commercial tool shed and a high concrete block enclosure. Every part of it is open to the air, but protected from rain. The kiln is a 7.5 cubic foot torchbearer gas kiln that I fire with propane. I fire to Cone 6. Nothing in the shed can catch fire and the propane is removed from the kiln by the concrete wall. Learning to control this device has been the most challenging part of relearning my art.